Changelog:V1.4 (Feb 22)

- Total supply reduced
- Access terms updated and clarified
- Tokenomics expanded
- Treasury lowered and airdrop increased
- Claimable TOX tokens distribution made more fair
- Benefits expanded
- Typo-fix

About Stox

We duly established Moneer Technologies Inc., parent of Stox in 2019 to bring together all walks of retail investors, no matter the geography or asset type. With our six full-time employees, and a total team often, we have created an investment tracking solution that is straightforward, does not require technical skills nor advanced economics knowledge, and allows tracking of different asset classes, including equities, crypto, metals, funds, tokenized real estate and NFTs, over different markets.

Our 4.9 score on the Apple Appstore, along with the 5,000 monthly active Stoxers that we acquired organically, demonstrates the success of our undertaking: while there are many personal finance solutions, there are none for investment tracking that is usable by everyone, not only the finance professionals.

Retail investing has been growing at a rapid pace since 2020 and shows no signs of slowing. More than 25% of overall market trades were made by retail investors in 2021, and retail trader activity has been shifting from ETFs to individual stocks, digital assets and complex instruments. However, most American brokerages and nearly all European ones, lack comprehensive yet clear investment tracking features. This problem compounds if one hodls multiple asset types. 

Competitor investment tracking solutions on the market fall short in multiple areas: with being too complicated for everyday investors, catering to only one type of investment and not being mobile native in an industry where 20% of trades are being done on mobile devices in US (a whopping 43% in Korea) and brokerages are expecting this number to double over the next five years.

Most teams focus only on growth and marketing when they release a great app. Not Stox. We have released 38 updates since our soft launch in June 2020, averaging an update every two weeks, dramatically increasing the number of features and usability of Stox with each one.

We wanted to stay under the radar, operating in stealth mode until we perfected our craft, until now: we are ready to turn Stox into a meta-community. It is time to turn Stox into a decentralized autonomous organization of Stoxers with the Stox DAO and TOX token!

Why TOX Token?

■ Because Stox, the project behind TOX token:
○  Has been duly incorporated with a registered place of business and legal responsibility
○  Has been available for over a year, with +35,000downloads and 5,000 monthly active users
○ Has very few competition and substantial first mover advantage
○  Has a dedicated team of six full-time employees and a total team of ten
○  Has 4.9 rating on the Apple Appstore from over 150 reviews
○  Has delivered an update on average every two weeks since its release
○  Is one of the few solutions that specifically targets the masses across many asset types
○ Has no VC or other institutional stakeholder and no debt
○  Has a clear roadmap for the foreseeable future
■ Benefits of TOX Token:
○  95% fair launch with no VC, institutional or pre-sale rounds, and can be claimed by interacting with the Stox app
○  No taxes or similar cuts and is deflationary by design due to the profit & burn mechanism
○  Stoxers (i.e. TOX token holders) gain free lifetime access to premium features of Stox
○  Access to top quality crypto and finance services with benefits such as discounted prices, free upgrades or special promotions.
○  Swap tokens inside the app with discounted commissions.
○  Access to Stox’s Trading contests and educational content
○ Profit sharing
○  Stoxers will have decision making powers in the evolution of Stox.

Stox Core Values

We strongly believe in decentralization and financial self-sovereignty. Our core values are Accessibility, Privacy, Social Investing and the Intelligence of the Crowd and an All-Stakeholder-Design.

Whether you are investing in stocks, cryptos, metals or any other liquid asset type, Stox has been designed to cater to your needs. Over the 18 months from our launch, we meticulously fine-tuned our UX and UI to constantly improve the easiest and most intuitive portfolio tracker on the market.

As of 2021, the estimated number of cryptocurrency owners is a mere 3.9% of the world population. In January2021, Ethereum blockchain only had 8 million active addresses: although it is a big jump from the 2.5 million at the beginning of 2020, it is still ridiculously insignificant compared to the 300 million blockchain investors around the globe. It is also worth noting that the vast majority of these are on Centralised Exchanges (“CEX”). The main reason for this is that, although on-chain transactions got much easier with the introduction of services like Metamask and Uniswap, they are still out of the technical aptitude of the average user.

Even with the userbase of current blockchain investors, there is over 35 times the number of wallet users blockchain investors who are not actively using wallets that are waiting to be served. Stox has been built ground-up for this demographic. Starting from investment tracking, Stox will gradually allow access to all tools in investing such as wallets, swaps and orderbooks.

The only thing a user will need to access Stox will be its wallet. By adopting blockchain, Stox will be able to verify ownership over a signed message and no one will be able to access the account without knowing the private key.

Since our release, the main concern we have received was privacy. Understandably, people do not want another entity to see their personal information and know their investments in a world that is getting more turbulent by the day. With even large, centralized entities getting hacked, and their data being stolen, it is of utmost importance to protect one’s personal data, especially if about their finances.

Providing a wallet address will enable us to tie the user account to its wallet, skipping the need for an email address, password or a name. All user’s recorded transactions from all asset types will be registered under this account.. Even if someone sees the transactions, it is not possible for them to connect the account to any real identity or understand the data without decrypting it with user’s private keys.

Social Investing and the Intelligence of the Crowd
There are several serious problems in the world of investments, especially the digital ones. How to distribute weighting on trade ideas? How to incentivize people for good takes and create a feedback loop that organically grows the community and interaction in Stox? How to move ahead of the market and identify red flags?

Our weighted voting mechanisms of Stox DAO will allow Stoxers to provide investment ideas, vote on provided ideas, flag frauds, possible ‘rug’s or other malicious projects: in return of doing such actions, Stoxers will be rewarded with the utility token of the Stox ecosystem, TOX token.

With TOX token, we will be able to expand our community of Stoxers while creating value for everyone who uses, promotes, or invests in Stox “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” is a quote we take to the heart. Most undertakings start well-intentioned but they get tangled in the web of bureaucracy that the capital funds and investors create. That’s why we killed ourselves to bootstrap until now. Stox is fully homebrewed.  We do not want a single entity to draw our next step for us. We believe that such interventions make companies do things that are not in line with their biggest stakeholders, their community. Stox is all about the community!

TOX Token Benefits

Free-premium and access to restricted features
TOX token holders will gain free lifetime access to premium features of Stox based on their Tiers. Stox is a free service and the parts necessary to track investments and interact with the metaverse using our in-app tools will always continue to be free. However, advanced functions will require a monthly subscription. Tiers will be designated by Stox but will be open to amendment by popular vote.

Furthermore, we are in development of multiple features that will be available to TOX token holders only.

Discounts on partner services
We want to create an anonymous knowledge and sharing community and that's why we are designing TOX token as a key to many metaverse and real-world benefits at the same time.

TOX token will give access to top quality crypto and finance services with benefits such as discounted prices, free upgrades, or special promotions.

Discounts on commissions
Stox will start providing swaps inside the app. This will be done by connecting wallets via trusted third-party services which will be upgraded to in-app managed non-custodial wallets.

TOX token holders will enjoy varying degrees of discounted commissions depending on their Tier.

Trading contests
During Q3 2022, we will start our trading contests. These contests will have different entry requirements, larger tickets having larger payouts. Holding TOX tokens will be required to participate in such contests.

Non-participating TOX token holders will be able to stake their TOX token and choose one of the players as their champion. The amount generated by the yield will be distributed among the group of Stoxers who have correctly guessed the winner.

Content earnings
At Stox, we consistently try to improve personal finance and financial literacy while keeping the community spirit alive. One of the places where Stox will rapidly enter and scale will be educational content and data analytics. This content will include a free educational portal for everyone but also material for licensing and enterprise sales. Half of the revenues from these sales will be used to buy back TOX token from the market. Bought back tokens will be burned. The other half will be used to finance activities of Stox which require fiat currency.

Stox DAO
All TOX token holders will have decision making powers in the evolution of Stox. A decentralized autonomous organization consisting of TOX token holders will contribute to the ongoing development of Stox through voting on strategy and feature decisions such as changing ratios, thresholds, and strategies.

Q1 2022
■ NFT update: This update will allow tracking your NFT collection without refreshing Opensea every hour! See your NFTs right in your portfolio with their floor prices or go into the details with rarity and project information. Our simple NFT tracking is already live!■ Mutual funds update: Our mutual funds modules are ready. We will be releasing them in Q1 2022 to reach a group of investors only reached by a handful of apps to date! The modules will show major holdings, geography distribution, sector exposure and more.
■ Launch of the State Library: The State Library is the educational platform of Stox. It will include original content to teach financial literacy, emerging trends, markets, global policy and current important matters. In late 2022, the State Library is planned to start offering institutional reports and services.

Q2 2022
■ Moving the company to Zug, Switzerland: Registered HQ of Stox will be moved to Zug for legal, compliance and transparency purposes. Most of the ‘presale’ will be used for incorporation and related costs.
■ More wallets and token types: Starting with all EVM chains such as Polygon and Harmony, and moving onto other large projects such as SOL and TERRA, we will be continuously increasing the number of networks supported. Furthermore, we will be incorporating novel tokens such as taxed tokens. Each of these additions will allow Stox to tap into a newgroup of investors and substantially increase the total addressable market.
■ API connections with brokerages and exchanges: Automatic trade imports from both legacy and digital brokerages with the higher mainstream adoption in 2022 will allow us to cater to the ‘early majority’. Stox is positioned perfectly for this userbase as we have designed and crafted the user experience for this group.

Q3 2022
■ Creation of the Stox DAO and voting systems: The main vision and mission of Stox is to become a fully sovereign DAO of personal finance and investing. Required contracts, interfaces and infrastructure will be created in Q2 and Q3 2022.
■ In-app non-custodial wallet creation: In-app wallet creation will streamline user experience and remove the need to use a secondary app such as Metamask or WalletConnect to connect wallets.
■ Trading contests and reputation system: With the launch of the Stox DAO, we will start having trading contests with prizes. Also, a reputation system is being developed.

Q4 2022
■ In-app custodial wallet creation with Not controlling their own keys will also allow us to cater to the ‘early majority’. In line with the mission of Stox, these users will be incentivized to switch to non-custodial wallets with TOX token rewards.
■ Stox Swap: 50% of swap commissions will go to the STOX treasury and 50% will be used to buy back TOX tokens. Bought tokens will be burned.

■ Yield farming update & in-app pools: We are partnering with Tatva Finance to bring in-app yield pool data and staking.
■ In-app crypto purchases 


TOX token is 95% fair launch. The proceeds from the 5% presale will be used for the technical and incorporation costs of the project.
No other sales will be made without StoxDAO approval.
500USDC or equivalent ETH = 5,000,000 TOX - 100TICKETS                             
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $TOX
Tax: 0%
Fee: 0%
Network: BSC
Reward Tokens
30% of the total supply (300,000,000 $STOX) will be distributed to Stoxers for onboarding. This is separate from the StoxDAO and Reward Fund. Following distribution numbers are planned but are still tentative:  
○    Early-bird: Sign-up and connect your wallet to qualify. Early adopter tier. 5,000x 10,000 $TOX (5% of total supply) 
○     Sign-up bonus: Sign-up and connect your wallet to qualify. 50,000 x 1,000 $TOX (5% of total supply) 
○     Faucet: Go on and get some TOX tokens for free.100,000 x 500 $TOX (5% of total supply) 
All wallets have to be at least one month old and have 10 or more transactions. 

We are still working on the airdrop details to make it as fair as we can. Airdrop will be calculated based on app usage and activity in Stox social channels with fellow Stoxers. 
Community & Reward Pool
There are many ways to earn TOX tokens. Earn TOX tokens by completing daily tasks such as reading news, creating watchlists or adding transactions. Create correct investment theses and be rewarded with TOX tokens or join one of the trading contests for big payouts. If none of the above interests you, create content for the educational portal! Community & Reward Pool is created for these, and all social payouts will be facilitated from this pool.
As Stox, we dream about bringing together both traditional finance and the digital asset economy together. Especially navigating the traditional finance is capital intensive. From data streams to legal and licensing fees, everything has remarkably high costs compared to web3. Unfortunately, legacy finance is going to be with us for quite some time. Fortunately, this will create many opportunities.
Funds allocated for treasury will be used for incorporation, storage costs, data streams, exchange listings, legal, marketing, office rent, employee wages and in the future for other operational costs such as brokerage licensing and collateral. Treasury will be open to higher tier TOX token holders and in part will be controlled by the DAO.
Team tokens will be 100% locked for 6 months and will unlock equally over 24 months.  

Please check Stox and see for yourself.
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